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What Do I Do If My Gobank Card Was Lost or Stolen?

As per the information, in case your GoBank card is lost, you can get it back by revisiting the places or locations you visited last time. And, by doing so, you can make the idea, whether you misplaced it or not. On the other hand, if your GoBank card has been stolen, you can immediately report it to the bank. Doing so will allow them to cancel your GoBank card, which will help you from any major losses. But definitely, they will not leave you empty-handed, as they will provide you with a new Gobank card. Also, keep in mind it might be possible that you need to pay a cancellation fee. 

Besides, using the GoBank is an ideal alternate option if you simply want to check your account. But, at the same time, the GoBank accounts do not earn interest, which does not allow you to earn extra benefits. Moreover, the GoBank card will enable you to use your GoBank Login account online via smartphone. Furthermore, the GoBank card is best known for its straightforwardness and handy banking tools, making it much easier for people to set budgets, spend money within their means, and pay bills. Plus, you can even access your GoBank account on your smartphone via the GoBank login process.

How to Receive the GoBank Debit card?

Remember, once you open your GoBank account via the GoBank login process, it might be possible you will receive a GoBank debit card within seven working days. But if you don’t receive your GoBank card in the time span of two weeks, then it becomes relevant to contact support for help.

How to Activate the GoBank Card?

But once you receive your personalized GoBank card in the mail. Then, you can carry forward with opening an account. And to do this, initially activate the card on the GoBank website. But, if you are looking for it to activate via the iPhone app, click on the menu button, which will appear at the top of the screen. After that, click on the ‘Account.’ Moreover, never do it too late when it comes to reporting about your lost, stolen, or not received GoBank card. Also, remember to report an unreceived card if it has crossed over two weeks since you applied.

How to Use the Temporary Card?

It is required to use the temporary card before getting your replacement card. Besides, a temporary card is a card that you can use to pay bills before getting your personalized GoBank card. Moreover, you can load money to your temporary card once the GoBank verifies your identity. But remember that you can’t use it for ATM transactions or any other cash withdrawals.

What About Closing the Account?

Primarily, losing your account might prove to be a better option when you come to know that your GoBank card has been stolen. Remember, your transactions will only be stopped when you close your account. Moreover, you must request to empty your account by transferring or shifting the funds to get your account ready for closure. But, if you are having difficulty with this process, you can contact the support team for help. 

Furthermore, if there’s a balance left in your account, then it might be possible that you should be paid for it. Otherwise, you can follow the downward steps to close your GoBank account:

  • Firstly, you need to write down your ID and account numbers. But remember having them already will definitely save you time. 
  • Next, you can write down any automatic withdrawals associated with your account. 
  • Now, leaving money can help to cover your exceptional checks. Then, create a new account. 
  • Further, try to transfer money from your old account to your new GoBank account. 
  • Finally, you can easily contact the support team if you find any difficulty while processing.

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